March 20, 2017
Recovery is not a solo journey | Phoenix Revolution

Recovery isn’t a solo journey

When someone close to you is struggling with depression and they are seeing a therapist, you may opt to keep yourself so busy you don’t have a chance to think about it. It is easy to think, “Since they are getting help, there is nothing else I can or should do.” But, there is something you can do to support them through recovery, and that is working as a team and fully participating in it. […]
July 23, 2017
I Suffer from Depression | Phoenix Revolution

I Suffer From Depression

Saying these four words, “I suffer from depression”, is a lot harder than I thought, harder than you might ever imagine possible. Then again, unless you’re one of the 350 million people in the world (that was in 2012 by the way) who has or is experiencing depression, you may not understand what I’m saying. Keep reading though, because it’s long past time that we talked about this. This is not a minor problem. It […]
August 20, 2017
A Phoenix Rising | Phoenix Revolution

A Phoenix Rising

Hope a word so many take for granted it is bandied about in real life and lore usually with a dramatic flourish expertly acted “Hope keeps the dreams alive!” they say Although, no instructions seem forthcoming and dreams are nice but fail to thrive without action to relay them into being they are empty words unbecoming There is so much more we can do to be of support When did texting pleasantries or hashtagging outweigh […]