Financial Wellbeing

October 1, 2017
Tips to save money on your grocery trips | Phoenix Revolution

Tips to save money on your groceries

Last week we went to the grocery store and saved over 47% on our grocery bill! This savings wasn’t a random moment of awesomeness either. Money is tight in our house right now, and so we have to watch each penny and dime. We regularly save money on our weekly grocery trip just by doing a little planning beforehand and so can you! One thing to keep in mind here at PXR is that improving […]
February 20, 2018
Things we wished we learned in our childhood | Phoenix Revolution

Things we wish we learned in our childhood

Yesterday we were discussing our past and how we got to where we are today. One topic that kept coming up was how there were some things we wished we had learned as children so we could have avoided struggling with them as adults. The 3 key areas we wish we learned as children are how to handle money, nutrition and portion size, and emotional intelligence. How would our lives, and our parent’s lives, have […]
March 4, 2018
Featured | Budgeting 101 | Phoenix Revolution

Budgeting 101: Even if you don’t have much money – yet!

“Doing the Budget” sounds about as much fun as pulling teeth and dancing the Macarena at the same time. When funds are tight, doing the budget can cause feelings of guilt, shame, overwhelm, and even depression. So, of course, we avoid it. Am-i-right? Here’s the deal though, budgeting is even more significant when there isn’t much money available. Why? Because, when you only have $50 for the next two weeks and over half of that […]