October 1, 2017
Tips to save money on your grocery trips | Phoenix Revolution

Tips to save money on your groceries

Last week we went to the grocery store and saved over 47% on our grocery bill! This savings wasn’t a random moment of awesomeness either. Money is tight in our house right now, and so we have to watch each penny and dime. We regularly save money on our weekly grocery trip just by doing a little planning beforehand and so can you! One thing to keep in mind here at PXR is that improving […]
October 14, 2017
Getting Out and Making Zombie Lemonade | Phoenix Revolution

Getting Out & Making Zombie Lemonade

When life is throwing you lemons (or zombies!) use our recipe below to get out and be social! We struggle with getting out of the house and being social. I mean, we REALLY have to push ourselves to do anything “quasi-social.” At first, we just brushed it off saying, “we’re hermits” and “enjoy being alone” but now we know it’s depression and anxiety that’s been holding us back. Humans are social creatures. When we stop […]
January 25, 2018
7 Ways To Be More Mindful Today | Phoenix Revolution

7 Ways To Be More Mindful Today

Mindfulness is a term that is being tossed about pretty frequently right now. In the past, it was synonymous with monks, yoga masters and “Woo Woo” new age spirituality. Which, by the way, I heart some “Woo Woo” rocks and crystals but more on that some other time. Today mindfulness is getting more recognition, especially in the mental health sector, as a way to combat anxiety and depression. It is also said to aid in […]
February 1, 2018
The Road So Far - January 2018

The Road So Far – January 2018

Welcome to our series chronicling our journey to improve our lives! Every month we set goals for changing our habits and then at the end of the month we review our progress. We’re determined to improve our habits and so we choose 1-2 goals each month for each category we have here on the blog (Healthy Mind, Body (Fitness & Nutrition), Social Life & Relationships, Financial Wellbeing, and Lifestyle). Then we work to incorporate these […]