February 20, 2018
Things we wished we learned in our childhood | Phoenix Revolution

Things we wish we learned in our childhood

Yesterday we were discussing our past and how we got to where we are today. One topic that kept coming up was how there were some things we wished we had learned as children so we could have avoided struggling with them as adults. The 3 key areas we wish we learned as children are how to handle money, nutrition and portion size, and emotional intelligence. How would our lives, and our parent’s lives, have […]
July 23, 2017
I Suffer from Depression | Phoenix Revolution

I Suffer From Depression

Saying these four words, “I suffer from depression”, is a lot harder than I thought, harder than you might ever imagine possible. Then again, unless you’re one of the 350 million people in the world (that was in 2012 by the way) who has or is experiencing depression, you may not understand what I’m saying. Keep reading though, because it’s long past time that we talked about this. This is not a minor problem. It […]