About PXR

Phoenix Revolution (PXR) is a wellness lifestyle blog created to inspire hope and encourage everyday people (just like us!) to make lasting positive changes to our physical, mental, social, and financial habits. We believe these aspects are interconnected and are the foundation of a mindful life filled with purpose, value, and happiness.

We give real-life experiences, research, and tips for improving your overall quality of life.

We're actually DOING what we write about and sharing what works and what doesn't. We want you to know we've been at rock bottom and, like us, you can change your life by changing your habits and mindsets. And, we're here to prove it.

We'll be documenting our journey with the hope to one day create a community where one isn't judged by being honest about how they are feeling. A place where we can all work together to improve our lives and start living again one small change at a time. We will be encouraging you to change the way you think about the interconnectedness of mind, body, financial, and relationship habits.

About Us

Hello there! We're Devin and Emily, the married couple behind Phoenix Revolution. We've been married since 2008 and we have two dogs, Codex and Freyja. We both enjoy gaming, movies, rockhounding, and chipotle-anything.

Life has thrown us some serious lemons over the past several years. So much, in fact, that we hit rock bottom during 2016 with the loss of a job, a parent, our home, our savings, miscarriages, and our mental and physical health.


We had completely lost all hope and purpose until we came up with the idea to create Phoenix Revolution in 2017 after Devin got home from his 3rd Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP) in less than a year.

We chose the name Phoenix Revolution because the Phoenix always rises from the ashes reborn and the word revolution means to change (something) radically or fundamentally. Like the Phoenix, we hope to rise from the ashes of our current circumstances by starting a revolution of changing our habits in order to create more fulfilled lives.


We know we must rebuild our lives in every aspect and we plan on making a strong foundation. We hope to do that by improving our habits and mindsets in regards to our physical health, emotional resiliency, mental health, finances, relationships, and hobbies.

Unfiltered and unapologetically we'll share our story; with the ultimate goal of helping others improve their lives by inspiring them to start their own personal revolutions.


We're not saying that changing your habits will prevent you from ever having to rise from the ashes again but we do believe that by making lasting positive changes you can enjoy present-state happiness and build the emotional resiliency and overall fortitude to recover quickly from any of life's difficulties in the future.

We're grateful you're here and we hope you'll share your own revolution story with us.

Now, it's time to rise up, join the revolution, and reignite your life!

Devin + Emily